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For several years, I have noticed it's not easy to introduce
oneself or to speak about oneself. This is why I have chosen this method, the goal of which is neither to unveil my private life because I think it is my own business, nor to be a curriculum vitæ, which seems too conventional to me. It is just a more personal way of discovering the reason for my painting and to invite you to share the tender passion that links me to it.

Why did you choose the name "Artémis" as your signature followed by a beetle?

For a very simple reason: Artémis is my real name. Being of Greek origin, I was named after the Greek goddess of hunting (counterpart of Diana for the Romans), which I rather like. Is it any wonder that having such a name could have, in one way or another, influenced my painting? Artémis, lunar goddess and her twin brother Apollo, solar god, have a lot of similarities with some of my paintings. We have some things in common. Indeed: apart from the hunting of course, a love and a deep respect for nature and animals. To enhance your knowledge of the mythological aspect of the goddess Artémis here are some links :


As for the beetle. When I made some paintings about Egypt I combined it with my name. It is my lucky charm. It is the image of the sun that comes to life again, the cycle of day and night.

What about your style ?

Some people have asked, at one of my exhibitions, if these are all my paintings or are some from another artist, because my style changes from one painting to another. It is true that I cannot be attributed one single style. I must confess that this is not what I am looking for. I think that painting is a source of inspiration that is so rich that it cannot be confined within one style. This being said I have admiration for those who could find their balance in this way. To me, each painting is a discovery. Life offers so much potential for creation that it is true I consider myself an eternal student.

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